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Based on extensive discussions with administrators, teachers, students and members of the community, Freenet has identified several key advantages to the Freenet-Kids proposal.


1.      Improved Student Life - Modern students spend more and more of their time working with computers and the Internet. This valuable tool allows the students to better understand themselves and the world they live in. Providing Internet access to students everywhere within the community will give Lawrence students an advantage as they step into the digital age.


2.      Bringing the Internet to Kids - Freenet already has contracts with thousands of apartments across the City of Lawrence allowing the non-profit organization to build wireless coverage where the kids live.


3.      Job Creation - The Freenet-Kids proposal will create 15 high quality tech jobs right here in Lawrence, Kansas.


4.      Security - Modern wireless security standards make it painless to deliver high quality broadband Internet in a safe and secure manner. Children will have all of the benefits of state of the art encryption and filtering technologies to keep their information safe.


5.      Police Access - As part of the proposal, the police department will be able to securely access the Lawrence Freenet network to access databases, file reports and enforce the law.


6.      Staff Access - City staff will have access to the Freenet network in order to communicate with the city's existing IT infrastructure. From filing reports to sending e-mail, city workers will be able to perform their jobs more effectively in the field.


7.      Library Access - To better serve the community, Lawrence Freenet will open up access to the Library's Information Technology resources to any member of the community who has a WiFi enabled device. From searching databases to renewing a book, every citizen in Lawrence will be able to access the public library, free of charge.


8.      Underground Infrastructure - To serve 10,000 children within the community, Lawrence Freenet will need to install approximately 25 miles of underground cable throughout the community. The organization is proposing that the City of Lawrence take ownership of half of this cable ($1.9 Million asset) for its Intelligent Traffic System and other city projects.


9.      Emergency Broadcast - Through the implementation of its HAMMER Emergency Broadcast system, Lawrence Freenet will make it possible for emergency information to be transmitted to any Lawrence Freenet member who is currently online.


10.  KanREN Access - As part of the proposed infrastructure project, Lawrence Freenet will donate a pair of fiber-optic cables to connect KanREN to the University of Kansas campus, saving the non-profit organization $3,000/Mo.


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